ScrapperIO is a solution that lets users program recurrent scrapping jobs and get alerted depending on the result of the scrapped content without writing code. It comes with a helper extension that helps the user select the part they want scrape and a UI that lets you manage your scraping jobs.

The project is still a work in progress and is not public at the moment.
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Securing Webservice with a HoneyPot

This project worked as a validation for the network & systems security at IMT Atlantique. It was split into different steps:

  • Architecting and dimensioning of the teleservice
  • Audit of the various vulnerabilities in the system
  • Creating IDs rules for the vulnerabilities found (for Snort)
  • Making a high intercation honey (using Mininet) to secure the webservice by redirecting the mallicious traffic once detected
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Binance bot

This project is a crypto trading bot. As soon as I got into cryptocurrencies, I started learning about trading strategies and wondered why I've never seen some strategies I thought of. So I decided, with two of my friends, to code a bot that implements those strategies and backtest it on Binance's data for the ETH/USDT market.
The bot performed slightly better than a HODL strategy, and has a lot of room for improvement.

Parts of the Binance backtesting integration will soon be published publicly as a library.

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This project was our shot at the opertaing systems' project for Eurecom called Eurecom Kart. Our beloved r00b0t was close to get first place (in a perfect world).

The Eurecom Kart project consists of building a robot using the EV3 Brick, to play a game where it has to win a race against other teams’ robots while throwing and escaping obstacles. The programming side of this project was done thanks to low level techniques acquired during the OS lectures.

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